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Yonder Mountain String Band - 2/16/11 Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville, VA

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Aaron D  (2/19/2011 7:16:30 AM)

Now, I got to say that th eband woundn't have got on it so much if it wasn't for us in the crowd. They noticed after the first couple of songs that we were there to get down. They came out second s MORE>

RKirk  (2/18/2011 5:58:09 AM)

Wow, what an awesome show in a great venue! The Charlottesville folks definitely cranked up the energy level this night...and the band was feeding off of it and in fine form. Really liked hearing 'I MORE>

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(1:35) BUY MP3 
What The Night Brings
(5:49) BUY MP3 
Blue Collar Blues
(4:08) BUY MP3 
Long Time
(3:37) BUY MP3 
Maid of the Canyon
(3:46) BUY MP3 
40 Miles From Denver
(4:30) BUY MP3 
Old Plank Road
(3:51) BUY MP3 
Elzic's Farewell
(6:32) BUY MP3 
If You're Ever In Oklahoma
(7:33) BUY MP3 
Things You're Selling
(4:45) BUY MP3 
Spanish Harlem Incident
(3:52) BUY MP3 
Natchez Whistle
(5:21) BUY MP3 
Years With Rose
(9:03) BUY MP3 
Over The Waterfall
(4:08) BUY MP3 


(1:33) BUY MP3 
Sidewalk Stars
(6:19) BUY MP3 
Ain't Been Myself In Years
(3:57) BUY MP3 
Night is Left Behind
(4:22) BUY MP3 
Loved You Enough
(3:05) BUY MP3 
Rag Doll
(6:02) BUY MP3 
Going Where They Do Not Know My Name
(3:53) BUY MP3 
Rain Still Falls
(3:46) BUY MP3 
Looking Back Over My Shoulder
(9:25) BUY MP3 
Pride of Alabama
(4:37) BUY MP3 
Going Up
(3:46) BUY MP3 
Sharecropper's Son
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Dawn's Early Light
Morning Dew
(9:24) BUY MP3 
Traffic Jam

(3:56) BUY MP3 
Dominated Love Slave
(2:24) BUY MP3